About Us

I have been doing Low and Slow for many years. It’s a passion. It’s an addiction. It needs to be as the hours are long and plenty of patience is required.

For the last 25 years I have grown up and worked in the entertainment industry running lights for bands and concerts traveling the world. When lockdown happened my entire calendar for the foreseeable future just vanished.

I still wanted to smoke. Wasn’t going to stop, this just gave me more time to smoke a lot more. But I needed to cover some costs. So I did a couple of pork shoulders for the neighbours. Then realized I could do a few more. Added a few sides and then from there it has organically grown into a business from home.

So now with my wife Sara we are offering amazing smoked Briskets and Pulled Pork with sausage. All homemade slaw and sauces and pickles. Sara does he own version of a Texan style beans which I love with our straight up salt and pepper Brisket.

We know you will enjoy!